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Cobra .......4.3%
Pint 4.25 half 2.25
A multi award winning impossibly smooth, that is designed to perfectly compliment
Dortmunder 5.0%
Pint 4.75 Half 2.50
A premium lager beer, Dortmunder originated in the city of Dortmund, Germany in 1873. This light golden beer is brewed to strict German Purity Laws.

Bottled Beers

Budweiser USA 4.8% Vol. Budweiser is lagered with beech wood chips in the ageing vessel which, creates a smoother taste
BanglaPremium4.8% 660ML Bangla Premium beer is a specially created brew, designed to complement Indian Cuisine. It is strong-tasting in order to provide a robust taste platform to soften the most warming of spices, through it remains delicate enough to augment the sophisticated texture of curry dishes. It has a rich, full-flavoured smooth taste.
Tiger Singapore 5.3% Vol. Crisp citrusy aromas. Sensational palate combining citrus and hop flavors.
Cobra India 4.8% Vol A premium quality, great tasting beer with all of Cobra’s trademark smoothness and character
Corona Mexico 4.5% Vol. Served with lime to accentuate the floral citrusy aroma.
Stella Artois Italy 5.1% Vol. Fruity beer aroma. Intensely crisp and refreshing flavor
Strongbow UK 5.3% Vol. A dry cider launched in England by in 1962, golden color, crisp and clean taste of apples.

Alcohol Free

Cobra 0.0% Vol A premium quality, great tasting 0.0% beer with all of Cobra’s trademark smoothness and character