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Desserts Umami Icon

Gulab jamun aur kesar rabi | 5.95

The traditional Indian sweet severed in saffron and cardomom flavored thickened milk.

Trio of kulfi | 5.95

Indian ice cream choice of Mango, coconut and pistachio flavor.

Gajjar halwa somosa | 5.95

Crispy somosa pastry encasing carrot pudding severed with hot sauce.

Hagen - Daz | 5.95

choice of Belgian chocolate, cookie and cream or mint chocolate served with strawberry and chocolate coulis

Sultana pudding with Toffee sauce | 5.95

Inspired by mom's traditional recipe our own golden raisins pudding severed warm coffee sauce.


Coffee & Tea


Liqueur Coffee | 4.95 


Latte | 2.50

Espresso with steamed milk.



Espresso | 1.95

Single pull of ground coffee

DOPPIO | 2.20

Double shot of espresso coffee.

Mocha | 2.00

Espresso with steamed milk and chocolate.

Mint Tea | 2.00

Tea decanter severed with fresh mint.

English Tea | 1.75

Severed with warm milk and sugar.